Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Moon - Twilight Saga

Well this is a little known PUBLIC tidbit of information but I am in love....with the Twilight Series!! I love the books, I love the movies and I LOVE that my husband will watch it with me!

Well last night at midnight was the release of the second movie "New Moon"...a couple of friends and I went to Best Buy to get the release....even my adorable, loving husband joined in!! :)

I love these movies not because they are a teen hit sensation, but because of the love and emotion that they evoke. The passion and exuberance that Edward shows Bella and vice versa is amazing. This is the kind of passion and devotion I want to have in my own life. Now I know that this is fiction, I know vampires aren't real and werewolves and the such, but love is real, love is passion and why wouldn't you enjoy seeing a good old fashioned passionate love story!!

I have watched Twilight more the a few times :), saw New Moon four times in theatres (only paid to see it 1.5 times) and now will watch the DVD over and over!

The awesome thing is that I have found my Edward. My adorable, loving husband is learning each day to love me with the passion and exuberance that Edward loves Bella. I love that he will watch it with me, support me in what I like and tries to emulate that for me! He's awesome :)

I love my Edward and how much he makes me feel like a Bella :)

Friday, March 19, 2010


Each day I remember why I married my husband.

Each day I challenge myself to remember why I married my husband.

Each day has a new set of challenges to give me reason to remember why I love my husband.

I thank the Lord each day that he is in my life and loves me beyond the stars.

I love my husband :)