Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 24

Well here we are, Week 24, and I am realizing ONE thing I don't like about being pregnant. See, I get migraines...bad ones...tension headaches...bad ones. Nothing seems to alleviate the pain but pain killers. I can't take them now. I'm sorry, but Tylenol Regular strength just don't cut it!

I love my little ducky, he is so special to me already and totally worth the pain. But, it doesn't mean i can't complain! I had a very sleepless night last night because my neck and shoulder were pounding so terribly I could not sleep. Saw a chiropractor today and a little bit of relief. I don't want to keep chowing down Tylenol, but what else do I do? I used my little hand held massager, I used a "heating" thing, nothing worked....bleh!

But then I think, well if I could actually take something stronger there is someone SOOOOO special to me already who wouldn't be here. So ya know what, I'm willing to take the extra aches and pains to be a good Mama Duck!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heavy Heart

I am so saddened today by such devastating news. The brother of good friends of mine was tragically taken from us too early. A 31 year old husband, father, brother, son, friend had a tragic accident. He is leaving behind a beautiful wife, an energetic daughter and a spitting image son. They were also expecting a third little "nut" on the way.

I cannot even fathom what they are going through. I pray for comfort and strength for them as they go through this crazy, hectic, terrible time. I pray that family and friends are there for them and can help them through this.

I have been praying all day for God to give them some kind of explanation for this tragic event. That God gives them comfort and understanding and that they can remain strong in their faith.

I just pray that they know how much he loved them, adored them and would have done anything for them.

Blessings, Love and Faith go out to the King Family.