Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My kiddos

Just some pictures of my awesome littles. Love these two with all my heart!!!

Weight Loss...again...

So here I am again...at my rock bottom. Peyton was 6 weeks old and my blood pressure still wasn't going down. I'm 30 years old and at risk for having to be on blood pressure medication. That's it. I'm done!  I resolved to eat better and start walking. I've been doing really well lately. Tracking all my food with myfitnesspal, walking/running with the couch 2 5k again. I'm down a few pounds already and it feels good. I'm actually wanting to get out and walk. I've been taking the kids a lot of times so that adds resistance. But it's also nice to get out on my own and do a bit of running. 

Since I've been tracking I've been pre-planning what I want to eat so I don't go over. My husband wants to go to the cheese cake factory soon so I've been looking up what I should eat. I also found the foods I normally would eat there. 

I'd get a raspberry lemonade (200 calories) and often have two. 

Burger and fries (around 1200 calories) and the most favorite cheesecake!! (1200 calories as well!!!) 

eeeeekkkk! That's over a days worth for one meal. No wonder I'm fat. Well now I'm going to make some better choices. 

I can't stop going out or eating what I like, but I can make better choices. So that's what I'm going to be. I will make better choices and this time I will be successful. My health depends on it!