Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 24

Well here we are, Week 24, and I am realizing ONE thing I don't like about being pregnant. See, I get migraines...bad ones...tension headaches...bad ones. Nothing seems to alleviate the pain but pain killers. I can't take them now. I'm sorry, but Tylenol Regular strength just don't cut it!

I love my little ducky, he is so special to me already and totally worth the pain. But, it doesn't mean i can't complain! I had a very sleepless night last night because my neck and shoulder were pounding so terribly I could not sleep. Saw a chiropractor today and a little bit of relief. I don't want to keep chowing down Tylenol, but what else do I do? I used my little hand held massager, I used a "heating" thing, nothing worked....bleh!

But then I think, well if I could actually take something stronger there is someone SOOOOO special to me already who wouldn't be here. So ya know what, I'm willing to take the extra aches and pains to be a good Mama Duck!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Heavy Heart

I am so saddened today by such devastating news. The brother of good friends of mine was tragically taken from us too early. A 31 year old husband, father, brother, son, friend had a tragic accident. He is leaving behind a beautiful wife, an energetic daughter and a spitting image son. They were also expecting a third little "nut" on the way.

I cannot even fathom what they are going through. I pray for comfort and strength for them as they go through this crazy, hectic, terrible time. I pray that family and friends are there for them and can help them through this.

I have been praying all day for God to give them some kind of explanation for this tragic event. That God gives them comfort and understanding and that they can remain strong in their faith.

I just pray that they know how much he loved them, adored them and would have done anything for them.

Blessings, Love and Faith go out to the King Family.

Friday, October 22, 2010

We've got a DONALD!!!!!

WOOHOO!!! We finally found out that our little ducky is a BOY :) I am so excited!!!!

I love this photo cause the baby is looking straight at us :) i know he can't wait to meet us and we can't wait to meet him!!!!!!

I can't wait to meet our littly ducky!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Donald or Daisy???

Well I am beyond excited this morning!!!!!!
We get to find out whether our little Ducky is a Donald or a Daisy!!!!! --- NO those are not the name choices lol ---- I am so excited to have my first ultrasound today and then SOOOOOOOOO nervous about our ultrasound on Monday! It is at Mac and it will be double checking our little duckies heart to make sure our genetics didn't affect it! ha ha!
So wish us luck that we get to find out and that this little Ducky is not shy!
BTW, I am 19 weeks pregnant and will be 20 on Friday! HALF WAY THERE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week 12/13

Well, I have not written in quite a while...and there is a reson for that....


woohoo!!!!! we are beyond elated with this unexpected turn of events. Friday is my entering into my 13th week. Little did I know when I started my "weight loss journey" that I was actually tracking my pregnancy!!!

So I guess my little postings will probably be turned into a pregnany blog lol

YIPPE!!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 4 & 5

Well weeks four and five are not going as planned either. This just isn't panning out well!!! grrrr!!! but I do have a good excuse this time. Just won't tell ya what it is because it's personal! :) So I am not continuing to run, but I am continuing to walk. I would like to try and walk least 30 minutes. I should be able to do this seeing as I only have ONE job to work over the summer months!!!!

I have not weighed myself lately...keep forgetting and then I eat breakfast. So i shall try tomorrow to weigh myself to see how I maintained over my vacation. I did succeed in my not stopping for fast food burgers and fries while travelling! Packing a lunch certainly helped that! Woohoo for small victories!!

Until next week....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week Three I have not been so great this week.

I had a medical issue that made it extremely painful to do my regular running. I also find that when I am sulking in my pain I eat too much!!! So this week I am up. I now have 7.2lbs to reach my closest 10s group.

I am also going on vacation this week (home to the Sault), so I am hoping that I don't overindulge up there and come back needing to lose 10 lbs!!!!! I am bringing my iPod and shoes and going to try and do Week Two of the C25K program again. I am also planning ahead and packing a lunch for the trip so that when I get hungry at lunch time I have a healthy lunch and don't have to resort to the regular Wendy's/Tim Horton's that are the only rest stops.

So, this week I plan to run 3 times, attempt to eat more veggies and not go overboard on the sweet little indulgences in life... wish me luck!

Monday, June 28, 2010

2 days....

Week Two

Oh dear...oh dear...well not a good way to start a post!! :) I have "lost" .5lbs this week...or maybe lol :) Well today I have probably gained it plus back. Being a teacher and the last days of school treats are in no short supply!!! So needless to say, my "starting over" from this week will need to happen again!!!!!

So I am going to try it all again, re-determine my willingness and hope that my hubby doesn't parade Dairy Queen in my face again!!!!

So for this week I will continue on the 5.2lbs weight loss, continue with the C25K program (btw on W2D2 tomorrow) and swim at least 3 times or bike ride if swimming not an option.

I shall check back!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Well this email I received could NOT have come at a better time. I just weighed myself and I am up...gulp...I haven't made the best choices this week and haven't been as committed to the working why am I surprised? But this is just the reminder I needed. It is from Jillian Michaels (of the Biggest Loser and Losing It).

From LOSING IT! With Jillian Michaels
Friday, June 25, 2010

Overcoming a Setback
It happens — you miss a few workouts and you feel like you've fallen off the weight-loss wagon. It's tempting to mentally slap yourself around, right? (Or head for the fridge.) Before you start, I want to remind you of something: Being hard on yourself is the Old You.

The New You knows how to deal with setbacks and get back on the wagon. And after all, there are no mistakes, just learning experiences. Weight loss is a process — it takes time. You will encounter small failures — everyone does — but every pound you gain can be lost.

And if you miss a workout, it's not the end of the world! Get to the gym the next day and continue to focus on your short-term goals. Just because you made bad choices today doesn't mean you can't start over tomorrow. New day? New beginning. And don't you forget it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Week One

I have heard many times from different weight loss people that you can always hit the restart button. So today...Monday June 21, 2010 I am hitting my reset button. I will (try) to post every week with my pounds lost and what I did that week to make myself proud.

So this week my first goal is to lose the 5.6 pounds it will take for me to get to the next lowest 10s category. I am not giving myself a week to do this, I am going to be flexible. I will try my darndest, but if i miss I will reevaluate my time line!

So this week I plan to start my 5.6 lbs weight loss, I plan to do three 30 minute walk/runs, and 3 times on the Wii fit OR Workout video. I will let you know how I did on my Week Two post :)

Keep Fit!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Second Time Around

Well...I have said this before...but then again this usually happens. I had posted a while ago about the Couch to 5k Program. Well I am going to start it again.

I want to be a Mom. I want to be pregnant. I want to make my husband a Daddy. I want to have my body healthy for this future God given precious thing.

I am not healthy. I am not ready for my body to carry such a precious gift. I need to be.

So I am making this pledge to myself that I will stick with it now. I know I won't be 100% faithful. But I will ask God each day for guidance to get me through this process.

If you see me around ask me how I am doing. Having to fess up to people is my worst fear. Maybe if soooooo many people are holding accountable I won't fail.

Pray for me, pray for my future, pray for some stinking determination!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Moon - Twilight Saga

Well this is a little known PUBLIC tidbit of information but I am in love....with the Twilight Series!! I love the books, I love the movies and I LOVE that my husband will watch it with me!

Well last night at midnight was the release of the second movie "New Moon"...a couple of friends and I went to Best Buy to get the release....even my adorable, loving husband joined in!! :)

I love these movies not because they are a teen hit sensation, but because of the love and emotion that they evoke. The passion and exuberance that Edward shows Bella and vice versa is amazing. This is the kind of passion and devotion I want to have in my own life. Now I know that this is fiction, I know vampires aren't real and werewolves and the such, but love is real, love is passion and why wouldn't you enjoy seeing a good old fashioned passionate love story!!

I have watched Twilight more the a few times :), saw New Moon four times in theatres (only paid to see it 1.5 times) and now will watch the DVD over and over!

The awesome thing is that I have found my Edward. My adorable, loving husband is learning each day to love me with the passion and exuberance that Edward loves Bella. I love that he will watch it with me, support me in what I like and tries to emulate that for me! He's awesome :)

I love my Edward and how much he makes me feel like a Bella :)

Friday, March 19, 2010


Each day I remember why I married my husband.

Each day I challenge myself to remember why I married my husband.

Each day has a new set of challenges to give me reason to remember why I love my husband.

I thank the Lord each day that he is in my life and loves me beyond the stars.

I love my husband :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Dozen

random dozen

My friend and blog-friend Lucy, always has fun things like this on her blog so I thought I would join her….

1. It's early morning, about 2:00AM, and you're driving home. You come to a red light and sit there. There is no one in sight for miles around. Do you wait it out or run the light?
No, i wait for it.  I am paranoid of breaking the law – as any good citizen should be! haha :) but no, i couldn’t do it, i would feel MUCH to MUCH guilt!

2. If you had the chance to re-do the last 24 hours, would you change anything?

oh gosh…that’s a toughie…it’s been a heck of a 24 hours!!  I probably wouldn’t change anything because  a lot of big discoveries/realizations have been made.

3. When you reply to someone's comment on your blog, do you reply in your comments or go to her blog and comment? (Or email her)

I respond in the comments.

4. Your favorite Disney movie is:
oh so many to name!!! toy story, beauty and the beast, monster’s inc, aladdin…

5. Do you recycle?
yes i do

6. Games of strategy or games of chance?
i love any type of board or card game :)

7. Do you have any recurring dreams?
yes but not for a long while…when i was a kid i used to dream that the sasquatch was trying to chase me into a basement and kill me…wonderful eh!

8. What did you learn from your first real job?
That i hate working for so little money, but needed the money! haha

9. Do you buy or borrow most books?
um, i guess i would have to say i buy more than i borrow.

10. What fashion trend of the past did you say you'd never wear again but did?
I don’t think I have repeated any of my fashion trends because they were HORRIBLE! hahaha :)

11. When do you start Christmas shopping?
Mostly in December at some point, but if the need arises I pick stuff up throughout the year…

12. Have you ever been so happy that you literally jumped up and down for a few seconds? If so, what was the occasion?
Yes, when I found out my friend and I were going to be allowed to travel alone (with a tour bus) to Detroit to see the Backstreet Boys!!!!!!!! :)